The Arcus ‘Edge’

Arcus is powerful and easy to use, with a web-based interface. Library support for Arcus is simple and Adilam monitors stations remotely to ensure maximum uptime.

Arcus Library

  • Self Service
  • Automated returns
  • Automated Material Handling and Sorting solutions
  • Security
  • Staff stations
  • Handheld and Mobile solutions

Arcus solves the inherent problems of supporting hardware and thick client platforms.  As libraries began using RFID, managing hardware and keeping the software up to date became cumbersome. Arcus solves this problem and much more by:

  • Installation is fast and simple
  • Upgrades automatic
  • You are always on the latest version.

Our innovative architectural design makes communication with the ILS simpler, faster, and more reliable.

There are many benefits to Arcus including:

  • Arcus is designed for remote monitoring and support
  • Complexity is removed from your network. Local servers or standalone software installations are not required.
  • Scalability and redundancy are built in
  • Arcus does not lock stations to just one function, all functionality is available on all staff stations
  • Access to advanced reporting and history.
  • Custom links and look and feel using HTML and CSS
  • Arcus can be used from anywhere inside or outside the library.
  • Database driven RFID allows for a feature rich offline experience.

Arcus enhanced machine learning algorithms provide a faster and more efficient RFID tag reading solution across all applications.

Arcus provides customers with a choice on how they manage their security by either traditional updating the security EAS on chip, or integrated database driven security. The integrated security solution in more accurate being aligned with the ILS is more flexible and accurate and allows other applications such as Self Service, Returns and Phone apps to work more fluently. All Arcus applications work together rather than independently.

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